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Building somatic awareness is important to be able to create more choices. We can do this through centring. 

Centring is about:

Noticing … without judgement

Noticing… without trying to change

Temperature, pressure, movement….

Big things or small nuanced ones

Or not feeling

It's important though that you link to ‘what's important to me’.

Somatic centrings enable you to tap into the intelligence of your body. They are practical ways to align your body, brain and spirit to find vitality, positive choices and growth.

The Centring audios you'll find here help to build your Somatic awareness. 

Learn to move from default and unhelpful responses to new choices by practising centring.

Learn to move more easily to a centred place when under pressure.

These 5 centrings will be dripped into your inbox and made available here over the course of 5 days. 

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