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Money Workshop FAQ's

Shifting your relationship with MoneyMoney in Service of Life

Find what gives you joy and purpose and start now, with or without money, to move towards it.

  • What is this programme?
    Four two-hour long workshops which provide a somatic approach, in a safe respectful and fun space, to work in depth with your patterns around money and life approach.

  • What does a somatic approach mean?
    Its using a holistic, body-oriented approach tuning into the body’s intelligence to support your move to a better relationship with money.

  • How will it benefit me?
    It’s a place to untangle your relationship with money to enable you to make more informed decisions about using money. Wherever you are on your life path it will enable you to start to adjust the way you relate to and handle money.

  • What does ‘in service of life’ mean?
    The starting point is finding what gives you joy and purpose.  And, starting now, with or without money moving towards it. ‘In service of life’ is sensing into a wider purpose and understanding. Directing one’s intentions, focus and energy to that flow of energy and having a positive impact in the world.

  • Will I learn about accounts and finance?
    No, this isn’t a ‘how to look after your money’ workshop. It’s a place to work in more depth about your patterns with money.

  • Will I learn about how to make more money?
    No, its a place to turn your attention to your money patterns and to bring different choices into those patterns.

  • Is it a ‘money mindset’ programme?
    No, whilst money mindset programmes may look at your patterns towards money, they seek to make shifts through challenging your thoughts and limiting beliefs. This programme takes an embodied approach, bringing compassion to your old money patterns stored in your body so that you can shift those patterns.

  • I have done a lot of previous work on my money patterns, how is this different?
    This enables you to embody what you care about and to bring it into your life at all levels. It works on a deeper level than trying to change beliefs and patterns through thinking new thoughts and will power.

  • I havent done any personal development around money, is this suitable?
    You don’t need to have any previous self-development in relation to money.
    For this programme you need to be willing to:
    -  try out somatic approaches such as centring and shifting your body shape
    -  observe your approach to money and share your observations in 2s and 3s
    -  be curious about yourself and show yourself compassion

  • How open do I need to be?
    Money is a taboo subject for many of us, so exploring our personal money questions can sometimes feel emotional and challenging. I ask you to always go at your own pace and to do what you need to do to have a sense of safety so that you can be ok with any changes that you make.
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