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Cultivating Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

This programme will Introduce practices that can increase our capacity to self-regulate in times of stress.

As well as introducing you to practices that can increase our capacity to self-regulate in times of stress, this programme will:

  • Explore the Strozzi dimensions of being human, dignity, safety, connection and purpose and how they can support our resilience
  • Find more ways to become resilient and understand our window of tolerance. Find ways to respond effectively, even in intense situations by recognizing when we leave our window of tolerance
  • Understand the connections between personal and systemic transformation.  Explore how we are shaped by multiple levels of experience – from the very personal and familial, to community, institutions, social norms and even landscape
  • Explore the powerful forces of resistance, our desire for things to stay the same and ways to embrace ‘what the body’s taking care of’, listen and include in our growth
  • Find ways of coaching that will support leaders to help them answer the question: ‘individually and collectively, how can we rise to meet today’s challenges with the very best of who we are?’

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 Cultivating Resilience in Times of Uncertainty
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