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Somatic Circle

We're all at different stages of our somatic literacy and that's okay. We all start where we are. 

And, as coaches who have been together through the Somatic Sandbox we have shared values of compassion, curiosity and openness.

We are all committed to trying things out, risking getting it wrong and being with other great coaches.

That’s why I am setting up the Somatic Circle

Join the Somatic Circle if you want to:

  • enjoy being part of the Somatic Sandbox alumni learning community and practice with other great coaches
  • continue to share your clients work and how you are helping them get ‘out of the head and into the body’
  • experience the simplicity and power of the somatic process and how much you can achieve in a small amount of time
  • continue to integrate a deep knowing of 'whats important to me?' in your life and in your coaching
  • keep momentum developing and integrating your own positive practises and
    continue to see the personal benefits it's making

What does the Somatic Circle give you?

For 2023:

  • Access to 10 Somatic Circle community calls to share your somatic coaching within your practice. With recorded calls to catch up if you cant make it. Discussion, seeing demos, and practising somatic activities for yourself
  • 50% discount on new courses (outlines below)
  • Experience the Somatic Sandbox again this year for FREE
  • 50% discount on 121 coaching with me

Our commitment

  • Bring your whole self to the zoom conversations
  • Carry out any practices you create/ commit to in between meetings

Get access to a great space, great learning with other amazing coaches in 2022 to Jan 31st 2023 for £99 

Provisionally* Wednesdays 6.15pm to 7.30pm
3rd May 2023 / 14th June/ 12th July/ 13th September/ 11th October/ 8th November/ 13th December.

Future Programmes:

Half day Embodied Purpose 

What is an embodied purpose and how do we work with ourselves and our clients to use this in our lives?

Dates tbc

Untangling our relationship with money (working title) 

This programme is by invitation only – and Somatic Circle members are invited

You may have seen my recent LI post about my recent shift from a fear of being ‘old, alone and poor’ which I carried for many years

Since then, I have made a commitment to transforming my relationship with money as a way of expressing my humanity in the world.

This programme will be a personal growth programme designed to create more ease in our relationship with money from a place of us ‘already being enough’.

  • Explore existing thoughts and beliefs about money using somatic approaches to start to untangle our relationship with money 
  • Look at the narrative around us of ‘there’s not enough’ and consider inseam how to make intentional choices about money and see it as a flow of energy
  • Looking at the ways to celebrate our value aside from money

 Our commitment

  • Keep a ‘contribution journal’ to record how you contribute in the world
  • Keep a gratitude practice
  • Create a ‘potluck’ where you bring about an enriching experience for others

It’s a pilot programme and is £99 for members of the Somatic Sandbox Circle for early bird registration

It’s a four month programme with monthly workshops. The programme starts in Autumn 2022, dates to be confirmed

4 Modules


You can find links and downloads to additional Somatic resources within the lessons. 

If you have any questions or problems with the resources reach out -

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